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Export Now will work with e-commerce giant Alibaba to list U.S. companies’ products on two sites focused on online Chinese consumers. Aspire to sell products in China but not sure how to get started? Export Now is offering a new e-commerce service that is specifically focused on small and midsize businesses hoping to export their goods into China. The company is making its formal launch this month. Essentially, Export Now will act as your company’s export partner, accepting goods on consignment that it will sell through a store called Tmall.com (warning, the site is in Chinese) and on Taobao.com, which is basically the biggest business-to-consumer Internet platform in the world. Tmall is run by Internet giant Alibaba; it has roughly 370 million registered customers.
How could a niche player have edged its way onto the top place in less than four years, leaving behind the two forerunners and online B2C giants – Dangdang and Joyo, both with a ten-year claim on the turf? The answer is low price. China’s leading online B2C (Business-to-Customer) retailers have been locked in a fresh round of price wars as the week-long National Day holiday has triggered a surge of buying frenzy.