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September 18 (Financial Times)– When the US National Football League hit a snag sending equipment to amateur American football teams in China two years ago, it approached a Chinese-speaking former top US commerce department official for help. For the full article, click here.  Note: Requires subscription to Financial Times
This post will look at how Coke and Pepsi operate in China e-commerce and social media. Each brand runs its own e-commerce store on Tmall.com, China’s largest B2C Internet platform (we discussed the importance of Tmall in an earlier post). The Coca-Cola Company’s flagship store offers men’s and women’s t-shirts, hats, bags, and belts. PepsiCo’s […]
In the wake of “Linsanity” (or Lin fengkuang) and Li Na’s continued ascent to the top of women’s tennis, China’s attention to sports has increased sharply. The international prominence of these athletes is changing the often self-imposed stereotype that China’s athletic success is limited to individual, Olympic-style athletic competition and has raised questions about the […]
The February push by President Obama for a “unified federal trade budget” to help American exporters could help more businesses sell more goods to China. Increased American trade assistance through the US Export-Import bank would be a direct result of the initiative. A central part of the plan is an effort to establish equitable international […]
There is a global trade expert in your market and another as close as your email or your phone. The costs to export your products and services abroad are constantly decreasing, making it easier for small- and medium-sized companies to reach consumers across the globe. Whether you’re a small clothing retailer looking to find niche […]