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The National Association of Manufacturers reaches a national audience of business executives with its largest circulation publication — Manufacturing Economy Daily. The Daily is an electronic publication that crisply summarizes about 20 events, policy developments and opportunities for more than 14,000 manufacturing executives. On Feb. 24, thanks to Jeff Ostermayer and Cliff Johnson at NAM, the […]
The February push by President Obama for a “unified federal trade budget” to help American exporters could help more businesses sell more goods to China. Increased American trade assistance through the US Export-Import bank would be a direct result of the initiative. A central part of the plan is an effort to establish equitable international […]
Chinese Advertisers Follow Audiences Online  As readers demonstrate a clear preference for online media over print, news organizations are putting more resources into digital platforms, e-commerce is growing and advertisers, too, are spending money where they know they can find the audiences they need — online. In China, this shift has led to explosive growth […]
What’s on your nightstand? We put together this list of books to help any executive develop strategies and plans for 2012 that will open new markets and build strong connections to new customers. 1. The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You Helen Wang, who holds a masters […]
Penetrating a market as large as China means reaching beyond the most-popular retail districts in Shanghai and Beijing. While some global brands are building storefronts across scores of second- and third-tier cities, even the top brands have learned that e-commerce efficiently extends their marketing reach. Smaller companies have no choice. The cost of going online […]
Rolls-Royce is honoring the Chinese New Year with a new  “Year of the Dragon” model. Barbara Demick of the Los Angeles Times describes the growing taste for luxury goods in China in her article Chinese are up to speed with life in the fast lane. Demick reports that the $1.6 million vehicles will have  “hand-embroidered versions of […]
John Bryson, the new US Secretary of Commerce, traveled to China earlier this month, accompanied by US Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Both attended a meeting for the US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT). The meeting was also attended by Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan who represented China in the 22nd session of the […]
Since the Cultural Revolution, China has had a strained relationship with the United States. Cold War pressures jeopardized political discourse between the two international giants. But President Nixon’s trip to China in 1972 marked an economic awakening in China. In recent decades, China has proven to be one the most influential actors in international political-economy. […]