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By Jim EricksonNov 21, 2011 | 01:10 pm    More than 85 percent of Chinese consumers cite price as the main reason they shop online but a merchant’s reputation is the most important factor consumers consider when they choose a website to buy from, according to a survey by U.S. digital marketing company Acquity Group. The survey, which […]
Within the last few months there has been much speculation regarding the potential sale of Yahoo. At this point it seems as though the speculation is no longer about whether or not Yahoo will be sold, but rather who Yahoo will be sold to. Interested buyers include, but are not limited to, Microsoft, Google and […]
Looks like you don’t need a significant other to buy gifts for the holidays. On November 11, single Chinese men and women celebrated Single Person’s Day by shopping online. The unofficial holiday that started as joke on college campuses in the early 90s has slowly become tradition and Taoball Mall (Tmall)–China’s largest B2C marketplace–has recognized […]
Alibaba first took hold of the e-commerce market in May of 2003 with Taobao and its highly lucrative  subsidiary, TMall. After claiming over 30% of the market share of e-commerce in China, Alibaba has started expanding into associated markets. Alibaba recently launched, a search engine for e-commerce websites in China which includes product listings […]
On the heels of the successful ‘Empty Cities’ ad campaign, Taobao Mall is hoping to increase its share of the Chinese B2C (business to consumer) market with a new marketing strategy. The ‘Empty Cities’ advertisements imagined a world where shoppers have fled from the busy shopping streets of major cities like Beijing and Shanghai to […]
China Dongxiang recently invested $100 million in the Yunfeng Fund LP, a private equity fund through which Alibaba Group Inc. channels investment. Giant Interactive Group, a Chinese internet company, has also invested $50 million in the fund. Alibaba Group has launched its share repurchase scheme and plans to use the investment to further restructure Taobao. […]
China has experienced an explosion of growth in e-commerce that has changed the landscape of the consumer market. Accessibility and affordability have become the mantra of Chinese e-commerce B2C platforms. But one thing has not been guaranteed to the Chinese “netizen”: product quality. With so many competing e-commerce ventures in China, consistency in product quality […]
Now is the time to consider exporting to China. Over the last decade, since Beijing joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), U.S. exports to China have risen over 400% with an impressive 32% increase in 2010. China has become the 3rd largest export market for the U.S. at a staggering $91.9 billion. The e-commerce industry […]
Taobao Mall, Alibaba’s dedicated business-to-consumer (B2C) platform, announced Monday that it will partner with 38 online retailers in a move that Alibaba reps said will double transaction volume on the e-marketplace platform over the next year. The agreement to host retail sites for three-dozen smaller rivals represents a shift in Alibaba’s growth strategy–one that’s favorable […]