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By: Frank Lavin China-based e-commerce colossus Alibaba just held its first signature U.S. event, Gateway 17, at which I had the privilege of presenting and participating. They hosted a crowd of 3,000+ retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and others in, or aspiring to be in, that glorious China e-commerce ecosystem. Here’s my take.
By: Frank Lavin 1. Think Digital. Chinese ad spending is shifting away from traditional media like TV and into digital marketing, for a straightforward reason: that’s where the customers are.
The race is on to unite merchants and consumers around the world, allowing people in any country to transact with just one click. And while a range of firms such as Wal-Mart and eBay are in the game, as well as special-purpose groups such as the W3C consortium that focuses only on payments, the main […]
We know that China is the largest and fastest-growing consumer market in the world. What is less well understood are the forces that shape consumerism in the world’s most populous country. Is it merely self-indulgence and materialism? In what ways are consumers in China different from those in the West? Click here to learn more, in […]