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Export Now Road Shows 4/16/2012 – 4/20/2012 Location: Michigan Michigan consumer goods companies interested in reaching new customers in the fastest growing economy in the world have an opportunity to take part in a new exporting pilot program which was detailed in four informational forums that took place around the state in April. (Frank Lavin, […]
State of Michigan to support businesses that want to sell to Chinese consumers Businesses across Michigan can reach new customers in the fastest growing economy in the world under a new program launched by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. In partnership with the export-services company Export Now, MEDC will help consumer-product companies in the state […]
When entrepreneurs look for practical business advice, they often turn to Melinda Emerson, a Philadelphia-based writer and consultant and the author of  Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business that Works. For three years, Emerson has been the host of weekly chats on Twitter about small business. Using the […]
Is your company ready for new sales to Chinese consumers? Is your company among those best suited for the e-commerce services offered by Export Now? Consumer product companies that want a new sales channel to China are companies that will benefit. Companies that manufacture or distribute specialty consumer products that stand out by virtue of […]
The National Association of Manufacturers reaches a national audience of business executives with its largest circulation publication — Manufacturing Economy Daily. The Daily is an electronic publication that crisply summarizes about 20 events, policy developments and opportunities for more than 14,000 manufacturing executives. On Feb. 24, thanks to Jeff Ostermayer and Cliff Johnson at NAM, the […]
What’s on your nightstand? We put together this list of books to help any executive develop strategies and plans for 2012 that will open new markets and build strong connections to new customers. 1. The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You Helen Wang, who holds a masters […]
Penetrating a market as large as China means reaching beyond the most-popular retail districts in Shanghai and Beijing. While some global brands are building storefronts across scores of second- and third-tier cities, even the top brands have learned that e-commerce efficiently extends their marketing reach. Smaller companies have no choice. The cost of going online […]