Nobody offers a more complete set of solutions than Export Now for helping brands succeed in China’s digital space.

Your complete China digital partner

No two clients demand the exact same set of services. Our clients work with U.S.-based or China-based client services teams and benefit from the simplicity of consolidated management for all aspects of their China online execution.

We know what makes Chinese consumers click

Export Now prides itself on a strong understanding of the Chinese system and its ability to navigate the challenges it poses. Export Now has a track record of helping brands to fully capture the China opportunity. We know how to the navigate the ever-changing China landscape, having supported over sixty brands in this context.

We adhere to best-in-class global standards for transparency and governance

You should expect nothing less from an international firm founded and managed in the United States. Many companies worry about signing over rights to a foreign company or are unsure of how to remit their profits out of China. Export Now’s clients can sign US-based contracts and agreements, so they can avoid these problems.

Established by experts who have devoted their careers to helping companies succeed in Asia

Our leadership team has over 75 combined years of doing business in China, having worked with the world’s most iconic brands. Export Now understands Chinese consumers and how to capitalize on the latest digital trends.

Our platform powers selling on multiple channels

Clients provide a single stream of product data and content to our system. Export Now ensures distribution of consistent, localized content to multiple marketplaces and consistent execution of your e-commerce strategy.