After our book tour, and a string of recent wins, we’re proud to say that ExportNow has been receiving increasing attention in the news. In addition to features on USA Today and BusinessWeek, which we’ve previously covered here, we are very pleased to be getting coverage in the Chinese media, in addition to the US media. Today’s roundup includes some of the various Chinese websites that have joined us in our journey to help bring US Businesses into the world of Chinese shopping online. Though our western readers may be less familiar with media sources from China, we feel it is important to recognize and give thanks where due, regardless of the language the thanks is given in!
近日,天猫(微博)上一家名为“美立客官方旗舰店”的新店引起了众多网友的关注。因为这家店背后老板是美国前商务部副部长、外交官雷文凯(英文名Frank Lavin)。 雷文凯借天猫为美中小企业搭桥 这家名为Export Now的公司,通过设在美国加利福尼亚的分发中心和上海的货仓,为美国中小企业提供打包仓储、出口、报关、营销一站式服务,帮助这些中小企业打入中国市场。 – Do News |美国前政要天猫开店 助美中小企业开拓市场
日前,美国前商务部副部长、外交官雷文凯(Frank Lavin),在中国阿里巴巴集团旗下天猫事业群Tmall.com开出了店铺,其目标是帮助美国中小企业进军中国市场。 据悉,这家名为Export Now公司将机会瞄准了中国市场对美国货品的需求,通过设立在美国加利福尼亚的分发中心和上海的货仓,为美国中小企业提供打包仓储、出口、报关、营销一站式服务,帮助美国中小企业打入新兴的中国市场,而销售价格甚至和美国国内接近。目前,公司已帮助14个美国品牌实现在中国销售。 – Xin Min Wang | 美国前商务部副部长要天猫开店
 店里的东西接单后都是从上海发货并不是每个都从美国寄来,所以快递费不贵。     而开店也不是想开就开的。 孟韫告诉扬子晚报记者,由于天猫不对境外公司开放,所以大家所做的准备工作就是在中国筹备公司,完成融资、注册登记以及招聘等,随后便是与美国各中小企业谈合作。终于在今年的1月底,网店正式上线了。 那么,大家在这个网店里买的东西,要从美国发到中国吗?那国际运费可是相当高昂!孟韫说,不是这样的。店里的货都是通过设立在美国加利福尼亚的分发中心和上海的货仓,顾客下单后再从上海发出。 – CE.CN | 美前商务部高官来华开网店 帮美中小企业出口
We are grateful to the Chinese media for their interest in our mission, and in the broader international economics and cultural dynamics at work behind our cooperation with T Mall. We take our business very seriously, and appreciate it when we are able to help bridge cultural barriers, and introduce some of the best parts of western culture to a country whose economy and infrastructure are developing at such a rapid clip. So, to all of our Chinese readers out there, 感谢各位! If you are interested in getting your products in front of the eyes of the biggest online marketplace in the world, or have been thinking about Export to China as a strategic move for your business, please drop us a line here. We’d love to chat with you!