Export Now on SmallBizChat
When entrepreneurs look for practical business advice, they often turn to Melinda Emerson, a Philadelphia-based writer and consultant and the author of ¬†Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business that Works. For three years, Emerson has been the host of weekly chats on Twitter about small business. Using the hashtag #SmallBizChat, she brings together a subject-matter expert and an eager audience full of specific questions. Export Now CEO and founder Frank Lavin was the #SmallBizChat guest this week. Answering questions about exporting to China, Lavin addressed the benefits of e-commerce: “E-commerce is a simple and efficient way to reach customers in new markets. The smaller the company, the less practical it is to learn a new language, deal with new tax codes and currencies and to take a huge global risk. E-commerce reduces those barriers and lowers the costs of entering a new market.” Melinda Emerson and her co-host, Tai Goodwin, kept up a stimulating stream of great questions. The whole exchange is excerpted on Emerson’s website here: How to Export to China as a Small Business. Let us know what you think. Every day we provide more fresh information in our own Twitter feed: @Export_Now. Please join us on Twitter, on Facebook or write to our export advisors to have your questions answered.