President Obama’s National Export Initiative, which calls for a doubling of the nation’s exports to support creating two million jobs in the next five years, was launched to encourage small businesses to grow through exporting. And while the idea of expanding into foreign markets can seem daunting for small and midsize businesses, the launch of Export Now ( is looking to change this with a first-of-its-kind, e-commerce solution to help businesses efficiently and inexpensively export to China. Export Now: • Allows U.S. companies of any size to grow revenue and compete in foreign markets through exporting. • Eliminates the biggest challenges of doing business abroad by bridging the cultural and financial gaps of complex foreign markets. • Distributes goods via its exclusive store on, while simultaneously listing them on, the largest B2C platform in the world (last year more than 370 million people used, spending over $60 billion on China’s largest, fastest-growing e-commerce marketplace). The Export Now launch event will include an introduction about growth opportunities through exporting and new technologies to make exporting easier, as well as an Export Now product demonstration and discussion on the importance and ease of exporting for U.S. businesses from Export Now founder Frank Lavin.