Think about your product being the first one in a Chinese city full of hundreds of thousand of upmarket discretionary spenders. If the current research has got it right, China is the new test bed for trendy items and serious brand big box purchases. Bragging rights to a unique and exclusive item might be worth sending samples of, just to get the buzz value and and let consumer interest grow. One sandwich box or branded frisbee might get thousands of clicks o the dot-com of choice. Savvy B2B managers should be compiling ideas for doing small to medium size business ventures with Chinese businesses, since China’s e-commerce market is scheduled to surpass the United States trade commerce volume by the year 2015. If online shopping is tabling off in the North American retail markets of b2b and online commerce, the Chinese intend to spend trillions of renminbi on products online. Devices, applications, games and books are ready to buy online.