A few days ago, Mr. Li ordered a Samsung LCD TV. He placed the order at 10 a.m., and was surprised in the afternoon to find that his order had been delivered. When he went home in the evening, the TV arrived at his house. E-commerce is maturing with every passing day. Now that brand awareness, quality, and payment are no longer the center of contention, logistics service is becoming a significant part of competition in E-commerce business. As the above example indicates, the whole logistic process, from user placing order, to commodity selection and packing, and to delivery to the user, is controlled by the logistic information system developed independently by 360buy.com. The dispatching process is even visualized. Mr. Li can see on the webpage the real-time delivery status of his order and even the distance of the package away from his home. This is the result of 360buy.com’s substantial upgrade of and investment in its supporting systems such as R&D, logistics, and warehousing.