A mall for men recently opened in Hong Kong. This 60,000 square-foot shopping area is solely dedicated to menswear, grooming and gadgets. Along with rise of salons for men in China, the mall represents some of the differences between the male Chinese consumer and their western counterparts. Coach recently announced that 45% of their bags sold in China were bought by men. And according to figures published by Bain & Co., Chinese men spent 7 billion RMB on their wardrobes last year. Women spent only 2.8 billion. This mass consumption of luxury and fashion goods is indicative of the value Chinese men place on luxury brands. Societal stigmas and biases towards appearance are different in China, and men are often interested in buying Coach bags or Gucci shoes. Gentlemen’s Tonic, an upscale salon in China, reports that Chinese men are much more willing than western men to experiment with new spa treatments and facials are more popular than in western countries. China presents an opportunity for companies to sell to a new type of consumer. Smart brands are taking advantage, taking their goods and services that might not be popular among western men overseas.