Every business needs to know their customer. But the near-constant changes in Chinese Internet behavior can make understanding the Chinese online shopper a daunting task. Keeping these three facts in mind can help companies better understand the e-commerce landscape in China: 1.)  Female online shoppers outnumber males Although male internet users outnumber females 53%  to  47%, women make up 54% of all online shoppers in China, according to the state-run China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). 2.)  More than 80% of online shopping customers have used the internet for more than 5 years According to a study conducted by IResearch, it takes 2-3 years of internet experience before Chinese netizens begin online shopping.  In order to have access to the internet for years at a time, users have to be affluent enough to afford a personal computer or time at an internet café. In fact, 51% of online customers have a salary of over 2000 RMB per month. As wages begin to rise and people begin to use the internet earlier in life, internet usage is sure to rise. 3.)  Determinants of online purchase decisions are different for men and women When shopping online, male consumers care more about after sales services and price, according to Iresearch. Women on the other hand place importance on feedback from other buyers. However, both men and women note the seller’s reputation when buying online. Understanding these differences can assist companies that are looking to market their brand and products to both men and women.