There are no earthshaking changes on the Daily Deal market in China in our data. The earthshaking part was/is in the press. They’re about firing lots of staff after hiring a lot. They’re about the money invested and the same money spent in advertising ( for some of the market leaders at a RMB 200-300mio rate per year). Dataotuan measures the results of all those big moves. Surprisingly: these results … don’t move a lot. It seems that for now the players in the top 10 remain the same contestants, some up, some down. Gaopeng still lingers around position no. 11. The Daily Deal websites love moving an increasing number of deals. Since May – when we started publishing our reports – the number of deals launched every day has doubled. The top 3 in Revenue (QQ, 55tuan and Lashou) are leading in this (growing) number of deals. But not in “top deals”!