The mobile internet market scale of China reached RMB 7.79 billion yuan in the second quarter of this year, among which, the mobile phone electronic business increased by 404.4 percent year on year. Under such a background, it is no wonder that the electronic business, “fighting a bloody battle” in the field of internet, expands to the filed of mobile internet. However, to make money through the small screen of mobile phone is, after all, much different from the traditional electronic business. Under double restrictions including the hard one of flow and soft one of user experience, can the mobile electronic business move forward smoothly? Inserting a thin card almost as large as a one-yuan coin into the audio output port and then choosing the functional button of quick card payment after placing an order on the online payment page, you can realize online payment through it by credit card and debit card. It is the cellphone-attached card reader “Quick Card” released recently by 99bill, an online payment company. And it is just one of the numerous actors targeting the industrial chain of electronic business.