So, you’re an American company and you want to export to China. Well, desire is a good start, but with such a competitive e-market and a challenging logistics environment, desire is not enough. To export to China, a business needs not only to be able to understand the Chinese consumer, but also needs to navigate the bureaucracy of the Chinese government, confront the challenge of getting a product to Chinese consumers effectively and quickly, and most of all needs to find a market niche which can facilitate growth. Obviously this is a complex affair that most American small and medium businesses have difficulty with, to put it lightly. However, there is help available to small and medium businesses with such aspirations. Frank Lavin is the founder and chairman of Export Now, a company that helps U.S. firms sell directly on TMall, one of the most popular B2C trading platforms in China. Previously known as “Salesmen-in-Chief” during his time as Undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Frank and Export Now can provide small and medium businesses with the guidance and information necessary for successful expansion into the Chinese market. Frank Lavin and Justine Chao (Senior Manager of International Business at TMall) will be hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to share their experiences on how to take advantage of the most powerful e-commerce platform in the world with the help of Export Now. Any small and medium business with a longing glance cast on the potential of the Chinese consumer market should take heed of this. For more information, visit: American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai