The group buying website market in China is crazy. Back in May, Lashou was accused of fixing prices to try to keep themselves in the running; most recently, Renrens Nuomi group-buy site was revealed to be hemorrhaging money in Renrens Q2 financial reports. Prices have fallen as sites struggle to compete by offering the best deals. So whos winning? Well, that can change at a moments notice. In March it looked like Taobaos Juhuasuan service had a hefty lead on everyone else. But recent stats tell a different story. Stasticial analysis firm Hitwise China analyzed the overall traffic to Chinese group-buy sites for last week (7/31-8/6) and determined that as far as traffic is concerned, Lashou has surpassed Taobao, and Nuomi and QQtuan have dropped in the rankings. A lot of things have changed since March, it seems.