Sitoa Global Inc., an e-commerce facilitator, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Chunjie365 to launch the Company’s first social e-commerce marketplace in China. Sitoa will use its network and platform software technology for building and managing highly effective e-commerce sites to leverage the local relationships and skill set of the Chunjie365 team in order to establish a China business and launch additional marketplaces in China over the next five years. Chunjie365, which means “Chinese New Year 365 days per year,” will be a specialty gift e-commerce site focused on consumer and corporate online customers looking to purchase both U.S. specialty products and Chinese gift items that are rare and unique. The site will also allow for the setup of gift registries, a feature that is relatively new in China where gift registries are not yet a common custom. As part of the agreement, Sitoa shares in revenues generated by the marketplace site in addition to charging one-time integration and hosting fees.